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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bullards Bar Reservoir

20070513 Bullards Bar Reservoir
Bullards Bar Reservoir

I didn't get into the foothills for hiking too often this year, as I didn't have much time in the spring, the best season for the foothills, to go hiking. But one hike I did make was around the edge of Bullards Bar Reservoir.

To get there, I drove about 40 miles straight north up the valley to Marysville, then headed about 25 miles northwest into the hills to the reservoir. I parked at a large lot with a boat ramp.

I didn't see the sign for the trail down close to the water, but instead followed a short use trail right to it from the parking lot near a structure to help the handicapped get in boats before they are lowered into the water. The trail is just dirt with only slight ups and downs. I wore sneakers rather than my hiking boots.

Even though I knew it had been an unusually dry winter, I was still surprised to see the reservoir so low in May. It had that bathtub ring look, with all the exposed dirt that is under water when the reservoir is full. But the teal water was beautiful. I took the shot at the top of this entry right at the beginning of the hike.

The rest of the hike was disappointing. The trail doesn't go right on along the water's edge, but up above it a bit, with trees and bushes blocking the view. I fought my way down a couple of times, but there were no nice beaches to get too.

20070513 Wildflower

After I hiked about 6.5 miles, I headed back. At 13 miles round-trip, I at least got some good exercise.

On the drive home, I pulled over at a field of lupine. I had an idea for a shot for the Sacramento Photographers pool photo contest on Flickr, the theme of which was purple. This is the shot I had in mind, with one flower up close, and the field of purple flowers behind out of focus. I was pleased with the photo, but it got no response, so I went with a different shot for the contest.

20070513 Stand Out
Study in Purple

Then I headed back across the dam for the reservoir and tried to find a place to photograph it. Security measures made that difficult. After that, I stopped in Marysville to grab a bite to eat.

Date: 13 May 2007

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Such vivid blues they are great...