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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sacramento: Aerospace Museum of California

20070801 Airplane

The Aerospace Museum of California, previously known as the McClellan Aviation Museum, sits on the grounds of what was, from 1935-2001, a military base. The base was originally the Pacific Air Depot, but later became McClellan Air Force Base. In 1982 volunteers started organizing to establish an aviation museum, which opened in 1986. The museum was in transition after the base closed in 2001, but reopened as the private Aerospace Museum of California in 2005. Friends at work had told me I should go see it, but I didn't make it to the museum until August 1, 2007.

20070801 Aerospace Museum of California

20070801 Aerospace Museum of California

Most of the aircraft sit behind the building on paved surface with the occasional picnic table interspersed and a sign in front of each aircraft. But there is also an indoor portion to the museum, with a large enough space for several aircraft, rocket engines, and bits and pieces of aerospace equipment. They also have a simulated ride that costs an addition $5, a gallery of flight related art on a second level, a call café, and a book/souvenir shop.

20070801 Fist

20070801 Dummy

Admission was reasonable when I was there (I think it was $6), but they were also hosting The Da Vinci Experience, which cost a lot extra. That will only be showing there until the end of September.

20070801 The Da Vinci Experience
Model from da Vinci's Plans

20070801 Chamber of Mirrors
Da Vinci's Chamber of Mirrors

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1 comment:

Silvia John said...

That naval station is so great and looks fabulous. There are other active military bases in California which are also great in ambiguous. You can look into their website to know the details.

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